Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

I have to admit to being captivated by thunderstorms. The sheer power displayed is frightening and at the same time, amazing. For this storm, I had a great vantage point too, a 3rd floor condo balcony. Watching from the distance gives you a great perspective and  a sense of peace and calm. Of course, I may not have enjoyed this storm so much if I had been in a boat out in the middle of it all!

Hope you enjoy my interpretation of this week’s Photo Challenge – Descent. Head on over to the post for this week to see some amazing examples of Descent!


Ocean storm - Biloxi Mississippi

Ocean storm – Biloxi Mississippi


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

The theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘One Shot, Two Ways.’ And since we are at the beach, the shots below are appropriate! The challenge here is “to capture two images — a horizontal and a vertical version — of the same scene or subject.” The first three sets of pics are typical beach scenes from Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The last one is also from Rehoboth but from the rooftop mini-golf place… Love the dolphins, and the effect that switching from landscape to portrait has!









Travel theme: Architecture

The theme for this week at Where’s My Backpack is: Architecture. I’m slightly (ok, maybe more than slightly) fond of church architecture. Here are a few of my recent favorite images.

We recently visited the Third Haven Meetinghouse in Easton, MD. I highly recommend a visit to this historic and serene place.




On a recent trip to Tilghman Island, I made my family stop so I could capture a couple of shots of St John’s Chapel.



Touring the neighborhood near our Washington D.C. Hotel, we found St Dominic Parish Church right next door.



Travel theme: Peaceful

Over at Where’s My Backpack, the challenge this week is to share photos of peaceful moments. This past week was a bit stressful and so I  had a wonderful time going through my photographs looking for ones to match the theme.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The first image is from a trip through southern Arkansas, photographing the Delta. The movement and pattern of the clouds in a vast, open space say “peaceful” to me. The electrical lines add to the feeling that this space goes on forever.

Near and Far

Near and Far

I seem to have lots of pictures of “clouds”. These two are from a visit last year to the Biloxi, MS area, where we enjoyed a week at the beach. I snapped a lot of great cloud shots from our balcony, watching storms pop up in the afternoons and move out over the Gulf.

Dusk Storm, Biloxi

Dusk Storm, Biloxi

Gulf Storm, Biloxi

Gulf Storm, Biloxi

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

The theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “In the Background.”  This was an intriguing challenge and I went back and forth through my photo library before selecting two that I really like.  This challenge proves that sometimes what makes an image most interesting is what we don’t see, at least initially.

The first one is from the Lafayette Cemetery No.1 in New Orleans, near the Garden District. We visited the cemetery last summer and walked away with a greater appreciation of the history and the care and uptake needed to preserve these sites. I inadvertently caught some of that work in one of my pictures. The contrast of the colorful silk flowers against the backdrop of the tomb caught my eye and only later did I notice the grounds worker in the background. He was one of several workers tending to the grounds the day we visited.

The second image was taken in my hometown of Fayetteville. My intent was to get several high quality images of the fish in the little pond. While I did get a couple of great shots, my favorite here is the one with my son in the background. The water creates an almost carnival-mirror look to his reflection.

If you’d like to participate in the fun just head over to the Weekly Photo Challenge site!

Landscape worker at Lafayette #1 in New Orleans Garden District

Landscape worker at Lafayette #1 in New Orleans Garden District

Background Reflections