Sunflower Summer

I’ve always loved sunflowers but never grown my own. Hard to believe that here I am in my fifties and this is my first year to add sunflowers in the garden – how did that happen?!! What’s that saying “Better late than never”…

Regardless, I am thoroughly enjoying my sunflower summer🌻🌻🌻


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, but not forgotten

The Forsythia bush outside my front door has decided that spring may have come and gone but it has not forgotten how to bloom! We’ve had one or two really cold days here and obviously not enough yet to deter its desire for Spring! Oh I wish…

Want to see more interpretations of Gone, but not forgotten? Check here!

Forsythia - Gone, but not forgotten

Forsythia – Gone, but not forgotten

Photo Challenge: Belonging and Achievement

Belonging and Achievement

Belonging and Achievement

Scanning through my photo catalog for a good interpretation of “Belonging” (the theme for Where’s My Backpack), I settled on this portrait of my collegiate son. We recently had some fun doing a photo shoot  of just him playing  guitar on our deck. I chose this photo because it represents the sense of belonging that playing guitar has given him over the years.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art-1

What a fun and inspiring challenge this week at The Daily Post! The challenge from guest host Pete Rosos is to “imagine the cover of a favorite book, music album, or magazine.” I really like the story-telling emphasis of this week’s Cover Art challenge, so much so that I have two posts this week. Part two is here.

I think this first image would make a good cover for an album, preferably a foot-tapping mix of acoustic rock and bluegrass. The photo brings to mind a laid-back summer day when you just want to kick off your boots and enjoy life!

Cover Art - kick off our boots!

Cover Art – kick off our boots!

Travel theme: Horizon

The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon. We are never tired, so long as we can see far enough. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


The theme for this week at  Where’s My Backpack  is “Horizon.”  This theme gave me the perfect excuse to go back through my archive. I chose some of my favorite horizon images, mostly from previous family summer vacations. Hope you enjoy!