Sunflower Summer

I’ve always loved sunflowers but never grown my own. Hard to believe that here I am in my fifties and this is my first year to add sunflowers in the garden – how did that happen?!! What’s that saying “Better late than never”…

Regardless, I am thoroughly enjoying my sunflower summer🌻🌻🌻


Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Here’s my submission for ‘Intricate’, this week’s photo challenge. Want to see interpretations from other photographers? Click here!

Magnificent and intricate at the same time.

Magnificent and intricate at the same time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Love taking morning Spring walks when everything feels so… fresh!

Here are my submissions for this week’s challenge; please take a few moments to check out more submissions here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

What a fun challenge this week: orange! The challenge is to share multiple images of orange, all shades, textures, and types. At first, I didn’t think I would have very many pics to share, but looks like I was wrong! If you want to check out the other orangish tints, go here!