Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

There’s something about sunlight filtering through the forest that creates a lovely, dream-like atmosphere. I originally took this photo on a gorgeous Spring day during a family hike. The new foliage and young Dogwood tree blossoms created a soft and peaceful glow. Want to see more blog posts of dreamy? Click here!

Dreamy spring glow

Dreamy spring glow


Travel theme: Connections

The theme for this week at  Where’s My Backpack is connections. For this theme, I chose some images from a recent family hiking trip. There’s something about being in the great outdoors, especially in the fall that enhances my feeling of being “connected.”  What images would you share that represent connections?  Want to participate in the challenge, if so go to http://wheresmybackpack.com/ to get started.

Travel theme: Light

Over at Where’s My Backpack, Ailsa challenges us to share photos of light. I love this broad and inspiring challenge and had so much fun collecting my photos to share. What images would you share that represent light? Want to participate in the challenge, if so head over to http://wheresmybackpack.com/ !

Travel Theme: Mystical

The travel theme for this week is: Mystical. From Where’s My Backpack?

Mystical is an evocative term with many nuances. I chose this word because it can be interpreted in so many ways. It can mean spiritually symbolic, otherworldly, ethereal or mysterious. I also love how this word sounds when you speak it aloud, and I can’t help but associate it with mists that conceal the everyday, cloaking the mundane in a veil of mystery. The verb ‘to mystify’; to make mysterious or obscure, is derived from the words mystic and mystery. Ooh, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a couple of mystical images from recent trips. Hope you enjoy them!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I thought for this week’s challenge, I might have to dig through my archives to find “green” images. But we decided to hike at Devil’s Den State Park earlier this week and I found green everywhere I looked. Certainly not the bright and intense green images of spring, but a more muted, fall type green. Perfect material for a photo challenge!

These images were captured using an iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed