The Week at Deep-Dish Life – A Sunny End to January

While much of the weather news this week was about winter storm Juno,  in northwest Arkansas, we were soaking up the sun and spring-like temperatures. We enjoyed the winter respite and spent as much time as possible outdoors this week. Good thing too, winter storm Linus is on its way, so our coming week will start out a little rainy. But hey, it could be worse!

Weddington the sunbather

Weddington the sunbather


We are so lucky to live in an area with an abundance of outdoorsy things to do and pleasant weather (mostly!).  Hiking in the Ozark Mountains, swimming and fishing in all the lakes, canoeing the Buffalo River,  just to name a few. And then there’s one of our family favorites – biking, walking, and running on the Razorback Regional Greenway. The Greenway (promo video) is a 36-mile, primarily off-road, series of trails that link many of the cities and towns in the area with each other. We are lucky enough to live just yards away from one of the major trails making it super convenient for us. If you are ever visiting this neck of the woods, you have to try out the trail system!


Since I’ve started blogging more, I find myself looking for ways to expedite editing and formatting images for the blog and social media. I’ve heard & read lots about tools like PicMonkey and Canva and so decided to give one of them a try this week.  After reading a couple of reviews, I started using the free version of PicMonkey and have found that I like it – even though I’ve only just begun to figure out how I can use it.  This week I used it to create a new Facebook cover for my husband’s business page and a quick photo collage of Weddington, the very friendly and photogenic cat. Any Adobe fans prefer the new Photoshop and Lightroom Mobile Tools?

Facebook Cover created with PicMonkey

Facebook Cover created with PicMonkey

Weddington's Day PicMonkey collage

Weddington’s Day PicMonkey collage


I love traveling and visiting new places but sometimes you just need to stay at home and appreciate where you live. This week, my husband and I attended an opening for a photography exhibit at Shiloh Museum, a local history museum. The show, Out of the Darkroom, features a selection of favorite images from the museum’s amazing photography collection, curated by well-known local photographer Don House. And it was well worth the visit! I was already aware of the magnitude and quality of the museum’s photography collection(from my volunteer days there), but it was enlightening to see it through the eyes of a professional photographer. And I learned just a little bit more about the rich history of this area. In case you missed the opening, don’t worry, the show will be up until January 2016, so you’ve got time to catch it! I will absolutely be going back for another visit.

Well, that’s it for this week – I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! I have a new camera lens that should arrive next week, maybe I’ll have some time to test it out.


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