The Week at Deep-Dish Life

Welcome! This week I am starting something new here. For some time now, I’ve wanted to expand my blogging practice and I think I’ve found a fun way to do that with this weekly review of life at deep-dish. I have to credit Karen at chookooloonks (love her blog) for the idea and format of this and subsequent posts. And also to my Dad, who for years has published a weekly email of thoughts and reflections.

I’ve never been very good at sticking to New Year’s resolutions, so this year, I didn’t even try. Thankfully, I am much better at following through with goals and action plans. This year, I added something to my initial planning process, the idea of using a one-word vision to guide my goals. My word for 2015 is: abundance. Abundance as in a “relative degree of plentifulness” (from merriam-webster). Abundance, is my reminder to be grateful for all the dimensions of life: love, family, work, play. And part of abundance is reflecting and sharing the aspects of those dimensions. And what better format to share all that, than a blog post! So here goes…


My son and I jumped up (not too early mind you) one morning this past week and headed out to hike a new-to-us trail in our hometown of Fayetteville. It was dreadfully cold, but bright and sunny so we could not resist getting out. We decided to explore the Mt Sequoyah Woods trail on top of Mt Sequoyah near downtown Fayetteville. It’s a mostly dirt trail, or rather a series of loops, that meander through the forests and across a few small streams.  And it makes for a perfect two-person walk through the woods on a cold winter morning.

Chicken Soup - Stock photo from

Chicken Soup – Stock photo from


Soup. Mostly because it’s sooo cold and dreary outside. But did you know that January is Soup Month? I don’t need any more motivation than that to whip up some delicious, warming bowls of soup. Each week around here, we participate in Meatless Monday, so I am envisioning a comforting and hearty bowl of Potato Soup this coming Monday.


This week I began a long overdue project. I am building up a photography portfolio, and I also take a ton of pictures for my husband’s artist business – both in the form of documenting his finished works, and in creating reference photos for new works. As you might imagine, between us we have a rather large photo archive, and it grows weekly. For some time now, we’ve needed to sit down and begin working through our Aperture catalogs to weed out what we don’t need, rate and tag those photos we do need. And so it began this week! Doing it together makes it a little more fun as there is some reminiscing and idea-discussing as we work our way through the images.


My mom had eye surgery this past week. Recently, she lost her vision in her right eye due to leaking blood vessels. Her surgeon performed a procedure to clean out the leakage and make sure it has stopped. Medical advances in eye surgery practices are a wonderful and amazing thing. Happy to say that after surgery her vision has returned!


My husband, Daniel Coston,  is an acrylic artist (painter) and one of several artists showing their works at Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas. This past Friday, we joined the gallery in celebrating their 45th birthday! While watching so many art galleries go out of business over the last decade, it’s wonderful to be able to congratulate them on being in business for 45 years! Here’s a little more about the grand opening that we attended and a wish for 45 more years of success.

That’s all for this past week folks. Hope you have a great week coming!


2 thoughts on “The Week at Deep-Dish Life

  1. enjoyed this recap of your week, and reading of your abundant blessings. great news about your mom’s vision!
    loved the ice you encountered on your walk in the woods. have a great week. 🙂

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