Photo Challenge: Nighttime

This week’s challenge is to show a ‘night’ photo. I love this type of challenge. Nighttime shooting isn’t something I do often, but the challenge gave me a good chance to sit down and go through my old archives to see what I could find! The photos below are several years old but stand out as fun.

My hometown has a wonderful display of Christmas lights every year on the city square and it attracts a lot of people to the downtown area. If you are ever visiting here, I highly recommend a trip to the Fayetteville square to see Lights of the Ozarks!

I think my interest in these two photos is their oddity. Both of these photos were taken with my iPhone4s and probably were my first night shots using the iphone. Neither of them is the picture perfect image of Christmas lights, but for me, they both capture the essence of the lights – first the dots of light in the color photo, and then the light patterns in the B&W.

Hope you enjoy these! Christmas will be here before you know it and it will be another good chance for me to capture some colorful lights.


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Nighttime

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  2. Bravo! Your photos are very good especially considering you used your I Phone to capture them. I use a simple JVC HD memory camera to capture my shots. I liked the black and white photo. Sometimes for night scenes the use of B&W makes the pic more dramatic. Thank you for sharing.

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