Travel theme: Peaceful

Over at Where’s My Backpack, the challenge this week is to share photos of peaceful moments. This past week was a bit stressful and so I  had a wonderful time going through my photographs looking for ones to match the theme.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The first image is from a trip through southern Arkansas, photographing the Delta. The movement and pattern of the clouds in a vast, open space say “peaceful” to me. The electrical lines add to the feeling that this space goes on forever.

Near and Far

Near and Far

I seem to have lots of pictures of “clouds”. These two are from a visit last year to the Biloxi, MS area, where we enjoyed a week at the beach. I snapped a lot of great cloud shots from our balcony, watching storms pop up in the afternoons and move out over the Gulf.

Dusk Storm, Biloxi

Dusk Storm, Biloxi

Gulf Storm, Biloxi

Gulf Storm, Biloxi


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