This picture is one I took this summer of the cone flowers in my front yard. We planted the bed over 10 years ago and it continues to produce a healthy crop, much to the delight of this photographer as well as the yellow Goldfinches that feast off the seeds each summer.  While the original photograph shows the plants in full color glory, I chose to convert it to black-and-white to focus on the concept of this week’s postaweek2011 topic: opportunity.

I’m drawn to the photo and its relationship to opportunity for two reasons. First, I’m intrigued by the patterns created by the jumble of stems reaching up and out, towards the sun, in the shear act of survival.

Also because it reminds me of the influence that location has on opportunity, as in the ideas of Richard Florida and “Who’s Your City?”.  There’s much to be said for being in the right place, at the right time.


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