There… and again – Part 1

It’s August and we are ready for vacation. Once again, heading to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, but this trip will be a little different from our previous visits to the area.

1. My husband is having a one-man show at a local art gallery starting Aug 13th and we are going specifically to attend the opening.

2. Normally, we go in September around Labor Day and the beginning of the shoulder season. This year we get to witness the beach in all its summer glory.

3.  We are trying out a new hotel this year. Not far from the one we stayed out for many years in the past, but will be our first family stay in a luxury hotel.

One thing that is the same, but will be changing next year. We are low-tech travelers. No GPS, no iPhone, no DVD players in the car. Only good ole-fashioned paper maps with some limited email checking on the cell phone.. We’ve never been a family that had the kids watching DVDs in the car. We read, listen to the radio or music CDs, talk (yes, that’s right, we talk, passionately sometimes!) And I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Although next year, we might get GPS or use a smart phone. Maybe.


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